Review Process

All articles submitted to the journal Acta de Historia & Politica: Saeculum XXI go through Double-Blind Peer Review, which requires anonymity of personality (both author and reviewer for each other) till the end of the reviewing process.

The article may be rejected at the stage preceding review in case of highly important reasons such as non-correspondence to the subject of the journal or the requirements for the submitted materials; the article has already been published, etc.

Reviewers are obliged to give an objective and reasoned assessment of the work.

The reviewer has to identify significant published works relevant to the topic of the submitted article and not used in it.

The reviewer should draw the attention of the editorial board to the considerable similarity of this work with the already published researches if it appears in the reviewing.

Information or ideas contained in the article and received during its review are considered by the editorial board and the reviewer to be strictly confidential.

The editorial board undertakes do not to allow the conflict of scientific or personal interests of the author and reviewer during the review.

ATTENTION: in case of receiving two unsatisfactory reviews the editorial board refuses to author the publication without providing reviews for consideration.