Key aspects of state formation in countries African continent in XX-XXI centuries

Keywords: African continent, colony, decolonization, state, political regime, war


The article talks about the process of formation of states in Africa continent in the 20th-21st centuries: characteristic regional features and typical onescontinental features. The countries of the African continent play today an important role in the modern political map of the world. The continent declared itself as a training ground for geopolitical competitions of leading international actors. The continent has an interesting historical past related to the period of European colonization. Your several waves left a historical and civilizational trace in the development of the continent immigrants. African peoples in the course of historical development repeatedly were influenced by both Islamic and Christian civilizations. IN as a result of colonial conquests of the African continent at the beginning of the 20th century Art. almost 90% of the territory was under the control of European states. The result of «management» of metropolises was a number of problems with which faced by African states in the post-colonial period. Period decolonization began after World War II and continued successfully during the second half of the 20th century. One of the significant achievements was education newly independent states. In the 21st century African states entered economy and remained a region of permanent political instability. We are also observing positive changes in the political transformation African society towards democracy. However, the stability of the democratic systems in many countries are still in the future. Democracy is there it is still in its infancy and attempts to strengthen it do not always lead to success.

There is no doubt that Africa needs the maximum possible support and assistance in achieving stability. At the same time, the African continent must decide for itself what is optimally acceptable for it, and give it specific forms, including political ones.


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