Migration along the Balkan route

  • Anatoliy Khudoliy National University Ostroh Academy
Keywords: migration, Balkans, Balkan migration route, European Union, country of destination


The article examines the issue of the Balkan Migration Corridor, which has been operating on a permanent basis for many years, despite the efforts of the Balkan Peninsula and the European Union. The aim of the article is to analyze the migration processes in the Balkans and its impact on the EU and European countries. The author offered basic terms related to the topic of migration along with definitions. reviewed the literature on this issue and noted the main research of Western scholars related to the topic of the article. The intensity of migration processes in the above-mentioned region is determined by the economic and political situation in migrant donor countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, etc. The article lists the countries that show the greatest and least commitment to migrants. The attitude of EU member states turned out to be more positive towards migrants than the attitude of the Balkan countries.


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