Formation and implementation of environmental diplomacy of the PRC

  • Iryna Habro Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
  • Anton Siryi Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
Keywords: environmental diplomacy, PRC, regional cooperation, ASEAN


In the second half of the XX century, the world community faced a number of problems, among which a special place is occupied by environmental. Today there is a «greening» of policy; international documents show the priority of «green» economic growth, the provisions on the introduction of safe technologies in production with the principle of «zero reset». Due to the rapid growth of China's influence in the economic, political, socio-environmental spheres, analysis and identification of the specifics of China's «environmental diplomacy», which serves as a tool for China to pursue its national interests in environmental protection and nature outside its borders. Today, China is signing agreements to address environmental issues, and efforts are being made with neighboring countries to make the environment a major foreign policy direction. Thanks to China, standards and mechanisms of environmental cooperation are being created, which are actively used by the countries of Northeast and Southeast Asia.

The article reveals the formation of environmental diplomacy in China. The key steps of the Chinese government in the field of greening its own economy are highlighted and the tools used by China to implement its own environmental diplomacy (international agreements, environmental conferences, etc.) are analyzed. Since 1989, an active period of development of China's environmental diplomacy has begun. It is at this time that the country begins to promote environmental initiatives in the region and conclude bilateral agreements in the field of environmental protection. In the following years, China signed a number of agreements to address environmental issues. Together with neighboring countries, it is making efforts to make the environment the most important direction of foreign policy.


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