Cybersecurity: modern challenges of Ukraine

Keywords: cyber security, malware, hybrid war, cyber attacks, Ukraine, information war


The article deals with information technologies, especially their application as war instruments. Cyber space, used by a state and its people, has a reverse side of it which is of a ruinous character, a threat and a danger for existence of a state, its functioning and survival. Ukraine is one of the countries which are suffering from cyber threats and danger is posed by its close neighbor – the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the article is to highlight the issue of cybernetic defense of Ukraine in the light of the Russian information threat. The author has observed and analyzed the researches related to the topic of the article. Along with it he tried to answer the question about the measures taken by Ukrainian Government and Ukrainian state bodies in order to get ready to confront an information aggression and cybernetic attacks organized and launched against Ukraine, its state and private companies. The author draws attention to documents officially accepted by state bodies which lay the foundation for effective strategy in order to suppress cyber attack launched against Ukraine. He also managed to analyze cyber strategy of Ukrainian state bodies developed to protect Ukraine from modern style information war.

As a matter of fact Ukraine is quite sensitive to cybernetic attacks. According to the research conducted by «Kaspersky Laboratory» (ITU, CSIS) in 2019, Ukraine ranged tenth from the bottom in the list of sixty countries. Certain criteria were applied for arrangement of the list. Among them: a percentage of virus infected phones, a percentage of virus infected computers, a number of malware financial attacks, a percentage of attacks of cyber criminals, countries best prepared for cybernetic attacks and countries with up to date laws. Unfortunately, Ukraine is behind many countries, even the neighboring ones, such as Russia, Poland, and Hungary. This fact pushes to think about the level of readiness to protect itself not only on physical, but also on information level and whether the President and the Government of Ukraine do their utmost to make the country strong enough.

Cybernetic security is a hot issue not only in a civil sphere, but also in the sphere of military activity. And the cybernetic attack launched by aggressor have made Ukrainian militaries take measures to protect the country, strengthen cyber security and defense. And the standards set by NATO countries serve as a target to pursue in the near future.

Hybrid war is one of the wars waged against Ukraine by the Russia Federation. It is a hidden style of war which combines a wide range of means such as political, economic, information and propaganda that accompany it for the whole period of war actions. So, to survive Ukraine has to change not only its military planning, but also information protection, improving security standards and taking protection measures in order to secure the state bodies and the people from cyber attacks, malware and the flow of dirty waters of propaganda, hatred and lies.


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