«War and peace» issue in speeches of Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Keywords: speech, UN, Donald Trump, Volodymyr Zelenskyy


In the article, authors show key issues about «war and peace» in public speeches of US President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Analyzing their policies and instruments authors find out that they have some similarities, such as populists’ appeals, stylistic constructions, pacific rhetoric, national identity, and unity, etc.

Presidential speech is one of the instruments to approve the county’s way of life, to inform, to realize strategic plans, etc.

Nowadays ones compare president Trump and president Zelenskyy according to their way of thinking and implementation of political activities. Even their pre-election campaigns had similar methods, technologies, and management. In-depth speech study of these presidents gives an opportunity to identify the factors on which traditionally base domestic and foreign policy, which components are «war and peace» topic that determines the relevance of the study.

In the article, authors make an effort to analyze objectively «war and peace» issue, which is described by the globalization process in American and Ukrainian foreign policies. The USA has had a great impact on Ukraine’s development direction since its independence proclamation till today. Moreover, our country’s world integration, its joining to the global transformation in XXI century and formation of its own political processes need complex analysis and effective strategic reaction that could be possible in the condition of taking into account political traditions of providing world actors, first of all, USA.

It should be highlighted that the rhetoric of US and Ukraine presidents is compatible with its syntactic structure and stylistic. Even language constructions and the bottom lines are spoken by simple short phrases, mostly common spoken language. Definitely, the essence of speeches is different because V. Zelenskyy is asking about the international community’s help and guiding and calls for Ukrainian nation unity, but D. Trump talks at most about Americans’ greatness and their significance in any his political decision. Pacific rhetoric is presented in both speeches, but V. Zelenskyy uses it in a little naïve way and it is comparable to begging for help and D. Trump uses it for forwarding economic benefits, in fact, implementing his businessman behavior.

Thus, reality shows that the «war and peace» issue is truly important for all political leaders, especially, for those countries where are took place military actions. The question is in what methods this compromise should be reached.


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