Occupied territories reintegration model: world experience and Ukrainian variant

Keywords: reintegration, occupied territories, deocuppied territories, state strategy, reintegration model


The article is uncovering core meaning of occupied and deoccupied territories reintegration process, determines current state and peculiarity of conflict on the East of Ukraine. Conceptually reintegration is determined here as a process of citizens’ comeback to social, cultural, economic and political life of the country of their origin. There are analyzed its componential parts and instruments for realization, also presented and assessed the foreign reintegration models of occupied and deoccupied territories, determined their level of acceptance for Ukraine. There was made an attempt in order to find the most effective model for Donbass reintegration, which could not only stimulate demilitarization, renewing of state control on these territories, but also prevent from separation movements, stimulate comeback and integration of citizens into Ukrainian informational, cultural, economic and political space.

The lack of common position among the citizens on the optimal way to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine still remains to be a problem which forms more optimal, during the whole conflict period terms for creating a complex state policy on this issue, considering the present demand of all the Ukrainian citizens and mentioned above common grounds.

That is why, the urgent need is the presence of common state strategy on the armed conflict solution in the East of Ukraine and its consequences elimination, among which is the reintegration of these territories, taking into account the compromises which are agreed by Ukrainian citizens, key solutions of not only military but also political, economic and informational dimension of the conflict and international experience of territories’ integration.

Complex strategy on territorial integrity restoring and Donbas reintegration will cover the vital actions due to the all conflict dimensions, compromises that will get the social support, includes current domestic political and international process features, international experience on peace restoration and reintegration, and will form single state approach to solve this problem.


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