Author Guidelines

Dear authors!

Journal Acta de Historia & Politica: Saeculum XXI accepts articles, where the subject of research corresponds to the journal’s profile.

According to the Journal’s editorial policy, author/co-authors has the possibility to publish only one article in a current issue. The limit of co-authors is 2 persons. More co-authors are possible if the content of the manuscript is the result of joint research carried out in the context of grants and research projects, which should be referenced in the article and approved by relevant documents.

Terms of submission and publication of articles

  • Languages of publication: Ukrainian, English, Russian.
  • Manuscripts will be reviewed.
  • The author sends a suitably executed manuscript to the editorial board by e-mail:;
  • Editorial board members are the experts in the subject of reviewing a manuscript, therefore the editorial board decides may the article be published in the current issue of the journal;
  • The author is informed about the editorial’s board decision and (in case of positive decision) is billed for the publication’s payment;
  • The electronic layout of the journal is sent to the author no later than the expected release date of issue and at the beginning of the next month an author’s copy of the journal is sent to the author.

Instructions for the preparation of articles

The text includes such components:

The introduction (relevance of research, problem statement, and analysis of previous researches and publications, the purpose and objectives of the study).

The methods and techniques of researches (if necessary).

State of scientific development.

The results and discussions (the basic material is outlined for understanding theoretic and empirical essence of the research; discussion of selected issues).

The conclusions (generalizations are made; recommendations are made for further research).

The scope of the article (without annotations and a list of sources and literature) has to be not least than 0.5 printing sheets / 12 pages / 21500-22000 symbols with spaces.

Technical requirements for formatting of the article

Fields: 2 sm. The program: MS Word. Type: Times New Roman, size 14, space 1,5. The text is typed without hyphenation.

The article is presented according to the following structure:

Left-side – UDC ###

Center – TITLE OF THE ARTICLE (caps lock letters, bold)

Right-side – Authors name and surname (italics)

e-mail, Orcid identification (identifier of the researcher)

Place of work

Postal address of the institution, where the author works (co-authors).

Summary (1800-2000) including name, surname, and title of the article (in English and Ukrainian).

Keywords (5-8).


At the end of the text is a list of literature in the Latin alphabet called References (in the center) (design according to APA standard), see APA referencing-book

Literature is given in transliteration (if your publication is in Ukrainian, Russian or other Cyrillic language). It is necessary to use these transliterators:

For Ukrainian texts –

For Russian texts –

For the name and surname transliteration we strongly recommend to use these services: (ukr.) (rus.)

The references cited in the article are listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order of authors’ names.

References of the same author are listed chronologically.

Sample reference list


Denning, D.E. (1998). Information Warfare and Security. Boston: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co [in English].

Hrushevskyi, M. (1996). Istoriia Ukrainy-Rusy. Kyiv [in Ukrainian].

Vigevani, T., Cepaluni, G. & Schmitter, Ph.C. (2009). Brazilian Foreign Policy in Changing Times: The Quest for Autonomy from Sarney to Lula. Maryland: Lexington Books [in English].

In-text citation (Hrushevskyi, 1996) or with page of citation (Hrushevskyi, 1996: 296)

A book by two or more authors
Rosenthal, R., Rosnow, R.L., & Rubin, D.B. (2000). Contrasts and effect sizes in behavioral research: A correlational approach. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

First in-text citation (Rosenthal, Rosnow, & Rubin, 2000: 230-231)

Subsequent citations (Rosenthal et al., 2000: 232)

Scafes, C., Șerbănescu, H., Andonie, C., Scafes I. (2002). Armata română în războiul de independență. 1877-1878. București: Sigma.

First in-text citation (Scafes, Șerbănescu, & Andonie, 2002: 150)

Subsequent citations (Scafes et al., 2002: 151)

A book with no author named
The Blackwell dictionary of cognitive psychology. (1991). Oxford, England: Blackwell.

In-text citation (The Blackwell dictionary, 1991: 98)

Multiple works by the same author
Sternberg, R.J. (1990). Metaphors of the mind: Conceptions of the nature of intelligence. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Sternberg, R.J. (2003). Psychologists defying the crowd: Stories of those who battled the establishment and won. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Sternberg, R.J. (2003). Why smart people can be so stupid. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Sternberg, R.J. (2007). Wisdom, intelligence, and creativity synthesized. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

In-text citation

The 1990 book: (Sternberg, 1990: 45)

The first 2003 book: (Sternberg, 2003a: 23)

The second 2003 book: (Sternberg, 2003b: 25)

The 2007 book: (Sternberg, 2007: 139)

All four works in the same citation: (Sternberg, 1990, 2003a, 2003b, 2007)

Article in a journal

Russell, R. & Tokatlian, J.G. (2003). From Antagonistic Autonomy to Relational Autonomy: A Theoretical Reflection from the Southern Cone. Latin American Politics and Society, 45 (1), 1-24. [in English].

Shevchuk, O.V. (2017). Pozytsionuvannya SShA na mizhnarodnii areni za prezydentstva D. Trampa: globalnyi ta regionalnyi vymiry. Amerykanska istoriia ta polityka, 4, 76-84 [in Ukrainian].

In-text citation (Shevchuk, 2017: 77)

Online publication

Sabatini, Ch. & Naylor, W. (2017). Trump Riles Latin America. His Policy of Hostility and Disdain. Foreign Affairs. Retrieved from

In-text citation (Sabatini & Naylor, 2017). 

Evropeiska ta evroatlantychna integratsiia (N.d.). Ministerstvo sotsialnoi polityky. Retrieved from

In-text citation (Evropeiska ta evroatlantychna integratsiia)

An article in a monthly magazine
Madu, C. (2010, March-April). A cure for crime. Psychology Today, 43(2), 12.

In-text citation (Madu, 2010: 12)

Archival Documents and Collections

The State Archive of Mykolaiv region (SAMR). Found 23. List 1. File 15. 

In-text citation (SAMR. Found 23. List 1. File 15. Page 11)

Files have the name of the author: Shevchuk_article.doc.

The text of the article has not contained references to the author/co-authors. If a case of references to own researches, the author does it from a third name.

Authors partially cover the expenses for publication, redaction and reviewing process, effective publication service for authors (editing), editorial assistance with the publication process, ensuring the layout of the journal and its publication, typing, and web-site service, etc.

The payment is provided only after the article’s approval by the editorial board.

By submitting the article to the journal, the author gives permission for the publication of published articles and data processing (name, surname, place of work, e-mail) in scientific-metric databases in which the edition is included.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.