ISSN 2708-0889

The journal «Acta de Historia & PoliticaSaeculum XXI» – is a scientific-theoretic periodic printed interdisciplinary issue dedicated to the Contemporary history problems in ХХ – ХХІ centuries, the methodology, source studies and historiography of general history, and history of international relations and foreign policy in a world history context. The main feature of the editorial policy of the journal is a multifactor and interdisciplinary approach toward studying diversity of the historical and political processes in the present and the recent past.

The journal unites both professional and beginners in history, international relations, political science, economics, social science, etc., who works in a field of general history, modern history and international relations, political history, introduces readers to the most up-to-date studies of Ukrainian and World historical science.

The founder of the journal is the Department of International relations and Foreign policy at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (Mykolaiv, Ukraine).

The journal is founded in 2019 and has published twice a year, enlighten problems of political, economic, cultural and social history in Ukraine and abroad, historical science theory and methodology issues, history of international relations, source studies and historiography.

The periodicals cover a wide range of issues due to specialties 032 History and Archaeology, 291 International relations, social communications, and regional studies.

Certificate of state registration of the print media: КВ № 23922-13762Р since 23.04.2019.